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Music Theory ABRSM

As instrumental skills progress, development in music theory and musicianship becomes increasingly important in helping students to perform with sensitivity, understanding and confidence.

ABRSM’s Music Theory exams aim to give students a thorough understanding of the building blocks of music, starting with the basics of rhythm and notes, and going on to cover harmony and counterpoint, composition, and a broad knowledge of western music, including composers and their works, structure, style and period.

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Each Music Theory paper is marked out of a total of 100, with 66 marks required for a Pass, 80 for a Merit and 90 for a Distinction. At The Music Booth Academy we strive to provide our young musicians with all the knowledge they require to get the best possible result in the exam. 

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A longstanding ABRSM benchmark is that a student at Grade 5 or above in a instrument of choice must under take the Theory test before candidates can enter for Grades 6, 7 or 8 Practical exams. They believe that a thorough understanding of the elements of music is essential for a full and satisfying performance at these higher grades.